Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Double Header - Two Postcards in One Day!

Surprise! This week I received two post cards with very interesting questions. I will post the front of the cards with my answers...

From Sara: Where will you build your castle? And what is your favorite room?

From Kris in Greece: Long after our society is dead and gone, will people pay good money to stroll through its ruins?

Now I've gotta think about those answers...


  1. Our civilization isn't about stacking stones or any kind of permanence. The things we must cling to are the ideas that built our standard of living and the experience we've gained that will allow us to continue improving what we can. That requires that we feel free to bulldoze whatever is not lending itself to progress, or that is holding us back.

  2. I've seen the front of the post card I sent, but I'm curious about what castle was on the one from Sara.

    Btw, Sara if you review your Middleton manuscript, you have already created my perfect room:)