Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Postcard From a Far Away Land...

Goodie, goodie, goodie, another postcard! Better yet, one with super cool Egyptian stamps! Thanks to Kris for this question and card. I will post the front with my answer, but for now, here is her question:

"The significance of these reliefs has an 'accepted' interpretation. What's yours?"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is this bug trying to express? or What is this bug saying?

Are we built to last? By Lindsay

"Long after our society is dead and gone, will people pay good money to stroll through its ruins?"

I honestly wonder if we will have any ruins in our society to stroll through, especially from this recent era of the disposable lifestyle. Cookie cutter box houses are made to last about twenty years, anything of note gets plowed under before we can really see the value in it...

The Roman Empire lasted hundreds upon hundreds of years, and our baby country has little over 200 candles on its cake. The Roman's planned for eternal power, while our country, unfortunately, just plans for next week. 

The Egg Scale Card and Standing Stones from Sara

Hello all!
Soooooo nice to be home, partly because it's quite nice to have access to my laptop so I can now upload the postcards I have received!

The first is the card, and the question, that led to the post, "The Egg Scale."  Excuse its condition, it is a well traveled postcard, having visited three continents in the pocket of a beat-up pair of cargo pants.

The second is a new one from Sara...enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where would you build your castle? By Lindsay

Remember the film Baron Munchousen, or that rather depressing, but visually amazing film, What Dreams May Come? Those fantasyland places where any, and everything, can happen would a good starting place for where I will build my castle. The castle needs to be grand, wacky, magical, Harry Potter-ish most likely. The picture on the post card with painted skies, cotton candy clouds, and reflecting waters stands in for a lovely location. I'll go with that. 

And my favorite room? Well, I would have to have a perfectly circular round room with an enormous billowy couch curving around the entire wall (probably purple or magenta couch, but who knows why), with floor to celling book shelves filled to the brim with any and ever book imaginable. The glass roof of the room opens to the sky. OH, and it also has a hidden secret passage way leading to a killer, fully stocked kitchen. 

That was fun.